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The flexible use of information technology

Introduction Advancement in technology and the flexible use of information technology (IT) are the great motives towards an integrated service approach in various facilities. This integration is a great enabler of efficient service offering, swift responses and quality functions within the institutions.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on The flexible use of information technology specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As these qualities reflect the needs of a medical facility, it can be confirmed that IT is pertinent to services offered to patients. In developed nations, acquisition of technology is much easier and also a requirement for its use in service provision. This motive is behind the establishment of the following proposed project. There is a dire need to ensure that IT is adopted in all facilities that offer services and especially the vital ones like medical centers. Addressing non-functional requirements When addressing non-functional requirements, an evaluation of their impacts is necessary. The extent of the impacts can be used as a guide to address the requirements. Apparently, security and privacy considerations are of paramount importance to both the users of the system and regulators. These will be addressed by communicating the measures that are in place to the affected parties before the implementation starts. About legal considerations, the project team will seek recommendation from the relevant regulatory bodies prior to implementation. To address IT compliance issues, the project must involve proficient individuals in various areas affected by the system right from the start and ensure that they are working together towards the same goal. Addressing environment sustainability requirements compels the team to adopt environmental protection strategies and use environmental friendly materials where applicable. Other special requirements will be addressed through stakeholder involvement in the implementation process.Advertising Looking for case study on it? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Constraints and assumptions Constraints The effort depends on voluntary participation by many agencies There is no defined budget for this project The project will take on within the limits of prioritized functional requirements Once approved, the next milestone will be actual implementation Assumptions The projects is approved by the necessary bodies Participants will proceed to support team involvement More specific team obligation levels will be described in the project plan Cost benefit analysis Benefits Amount ($000) Increased quality of services 35 Increased output from employees 20 More patients 25 Low number of employees 2 Others 5 Total benefits 87 Costs Amount ($000) Hardware purchase 10 Software purchases 5 Internet 0.5 Staff training 5 Maintenance 1 Total costs 21. 5 Development release schedule Net benefits = Total benefits – total costs = $87,000 – $21,500 = $65,500 IT system August 1 Professional briefing on the project September 1 Commissioning of the system implementation processes September 10 Specifying the hardware and software requirements October 1 Purchasing the system requirements October 20 Assigning tasks and activities to team members November 1 Hardware installation November 15 Software installation December 1 Internet installation January 1 System testing January 15 Developing this pilot into a software package Conclusion The IT system pilot project is motivated by the need to integrate technology in service institutions. The system is a patient centered IT system with composite care plans that can increase the efficiency of the services provided to patient. The integrated system involves functional and non-function requirements with respective measures to address them. Despite severa l constraints and assumptions, our recommendation is for future development of solutions to meet the requirements identified in the pilot study as a way of reducing the risks associated with a project having a wider scope. This case study on The flexible use of information technology was written and submitted by user Soft Deer to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Riordan Human Resource System

Riordan Human Resource System Free Online Research Papers Riordan Manufacturing was founded in 1991 by Michael Riordan with an initial focus on the licensing of existing patents, research and development. Today they are looked at as a leader in the plastic injection field. They have received international acclaim in for their works. As a Fortune 1000 enterprise they offer state of the art plastic design through its facilities. They currently are head quartered in San Jose with additional plants in Albany, Pontiac and Hangzhou. (Apollo, 2006) Riordan currently uses HRIS for its HR duties, which is part of their financial package. HRIS has the ability to keep track of pay rates, personal information, exemptions, hire date, organizational information and vacation hours. Currently, all changes must be submitted by the employees in writing on special forms and entered by the payroll clerk located at the corporate headquarters. Currently, the system is complicated and disconnected. Training and development are kept in a excel spreadsheet by the training specialist. This method is not only cumbersome, but non-secure. Additionally, each recruiter keeps maintains their own applicant information in a central non-digital storage along with tracking applicants in an excel spread sheet. Information regarding grievances and harassment complaints are kept locked in the employee relations specialists offices. Riordan is in need of a system that will pull all of the facets of HR into one central location. This should be a secure system requiring a secured login to protect sensitive information that is currently being manually stored and locked. Once the new system is in place, these assistants will be able to focus on up keeping and entering information freeing the managers to focus on the employees themselves. To resolve these inefficiencies, it will be important that as much information as possible is gathered. A review of the current organizational charts would give an understanding of how separate departments function as well as giving an idea of key individuals that will need to be interviewed. Additionally, a review would be made of the documentation of the current system. This gives a better understanding of how the current system is meant to function. Since most of the functions are currently done manually, it is expected much of the forms and documentations will not be up to date. Gathering this information will help in the decision of which forms should be modified and which eliminated. The forms also serve as an important tool when conducting interviews. As one of the primary means of gaining information, interviews would begin with key personnel in each of the locations to gain a better understanding of the individual requirements of each location. Additional interviews with end users will take place to gain an idea of operations and to highlight ways improvements can be made to their job. It will be important to also conduct follow-up interviews with stakeholders to ensure continued success of the project. Conducting end user surveys is an additional way to gather information regarding concerns and requirements not previously addressed. These questionnaires have the added benefit of allowing the gathering of information from many people who may be scattered across the company’s various geographic locations. These surveys will be given key users directly involved with the new system to get a better picture of what the workers feel will streamline their department and increase productivity. By also conducting additional surv eys with other employees, information can be gained on what features they feel would make their jobs easier and what information they would like to have accessible to them through the new system. Observation of the current system and process will be an important part of the fact finding phase. Watching the system in action will give an additional view point and understanding of the current system procedures. This also gives the opportunity to verify statements given in interviews and ensure everything is as described. Observation of the systems and its workers is vital to understanding what occurs in the current process. A prototype of the proposed system will allow all involved to get the look and the feel of the new system. The prototype will be focused and easily modified. JAD sessions will be another important part of information gathering. This will allow all the important stakeholders to be present with the opportunity to contribute and make decisions. Actual participants would vary by sessions. Riordan is a very large organization, with four facilities, one of them being overseas. This can make it a challenge to gather information correctly and quickly. This also adds the additional challenge of putting information and resources into a central location. The scope is to implement this central system and implement it into a unified process while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. It is the desire of Riordan to â€Å"take advantage of a more sophisticated, state-of-the art, information systems technology in our Human Resources department† (Apollo, 2006). The integrated more sophis ticated system will reduce labor costs and provide a more user friendly environment which will reduce errors. The data would be in a shared environment so only authorized personal have access, which means a big step up for the company security wise. The automation of routine reports and functions will also save the company time and money and allow management to have instant automated access to important information needed to make companywide decisions. A scope management plan will need to be developed. This document will include the work required to complete the project and will be communicated to the project team. Currently, the systems across the plants are not compatible and revisions of the system are a priority. The investigation into the feasibility of the project has proven this is a necessary and feasible undertaking. The project constraints consist of project completion by the second quarter of next year. The allocated budget for the project is $150,000. Reviews will be utilized to ensure successful rollout throughout the process. Equally important to data integration and the building of the new system are the financial benefits to Riordan. The elimination of unnecessary labor reduces labor costs as well as the reduction in errors. The project feasibility is further strengthened by the current lack of security of sensitive data. An integrated system will provide a greater overall benefit to the organization. This integrated system will result in less redundant data entry, improved data integrity and less overall job training costs. In designing the architecture of the system, it will be important to address the system functionality, ensure that it is secure and protects both the application and the business, that it is stable, manageable and maintainable. In designing the system, it will be very important to also consider the requirements: high performance, scalable and expandable, consistent, easy integration with other systems and minimal resource usage. The plan would be to design the system using a distributed architecture. This design would include all the elements that would be required to develop a more centralized system. The corporate office would be the best location for the centralized system. A windows based system would be the recommended option as it is compatible, tested and has the proper support. This software would also include an automated backup system. A human resources management system should be considered that will meet the requirements. Microsoft Dynamics is an all in one solution with proven support that would meet all of Riordan’s needs. It will provide a centralized solution for viewing and managing personnel data such as pay stubs, training histories. It will automate organizing human resource processes, eliminate many time consuming clerical tasks and will provide human resources with powerful tools for employee management. Microsoft Dynamics will also give the employees many options. They will now have the ability to access information regarding their accrued time off, benefits, payroll and more. Some of the other important solutions it will deliver are; payroll, benefits, training, compliance and reporting and analysis. It also has the ability to include other solutions in the future if needed easily, such as customer relations. A wireless network will be setup in each location with the servers located in the main office. This will allow the networking of the main office and other facilities. An important part of the upgrade will be a central database. Automation will be needed rather than relying on input from individuals while also increasing efficiency and productivity. The installation of a wireless connection will be worth the costs as workers will become far more efficient. Communications will be much easier company wide as workers have more efficient access to electronic communications. Additionally, steps should be taken to better link the existing networks. Using a ring system would allow them to share resources throughout the network, reduce Internet connection costs, improve data connections, and allow not only for cross site data access, but printing as well. The development of the company intranet will also allow for better ease of company resources. The intranet will be secured, not only through software to protect it from outside intrusions, but also through the use of individual passwords. When logging in to the intranet with their specific password, users will only have access to information relevant to them, a much more secure system then the filing cabinets currently in place which are unsecure and easily assessable. The intranet will allow for different levels of accessibility and put all necessary information in one place while also reducing materials costs and waste. Employees will be able to easily update personal information, access training materials, view procedural handbooks, communicate, and submit information to other departments right from the company Intranet. The company Intranet will not only make human resource tasks more efficient but it will also improve the efficiencies of other departments. The current company intranet is useful, but to reach its full potential updates should be made. Only basic information is available to users and there is no interactivity. By including modules available through the new human resources software, Riordan will be able to give users the ability to not only read available materials but contribute as well. The addition of forms and interactive trainings will keep the intranet basic and easy to use while vastly increasing overall company efficienc y and security. Currently, Riordan maintains an HR system that already includes some employee information as well as manually maintained Excel documents. This till make the transition of data much easier. Adding to it the ease of transition is Excel is a widely used program compatible with most platforms making the data contained in the spread sheets easily transferrable. Data will be stored in the new data base and easily accessible from employee workstations. For example, human resource personnel from each site will be able to enter information directly from their workstation to the payroll module. The data will be secured and some parts password protected for added security to sensitive information. Employees will be able to login to the system through the company intranet using their password and access relevant data such as pay rate, benefits, accrued vacation time and performance reviews. They will also have interactive forms allowing them to change their personal information, request vacation time or even request help desk services. The results from the design phase will now be passed to the next phase, implementation. During this phase we have a number of activities to perform before the system is deployed. Among these activities are; program coding, testing, installation, documentation and training. After deployment we will also be doing system support. The first step in this implementation phase is coding. During this phase the software will be installed and then the installation of specific modules for benefits and administration and human resource management. Because of the existence of multiple sub systems which all need integration, there will be multiple developers working on the system at the same time. Once this is completed managers and human resource professionals will need to enter the necessary data. Although time consuming, the entering of the information is vital for system success. Once this has taken place, the systems will be brought online. Top down development will be used, meaning we will start at the top of the system with the highest level of functionality and work our way down. Integration testing will begin and allow for the testing of how all the multiple modules work together. If any compatibility issues are found between the modules they can be corrected at this point. Once this has been completed, system testing can begin. Developers can check the system for bugs and ensure the system meets user requirements. QA personnel will perform performance tests to validate system response and throughout requirements. Performance will be looked at during each stage to determine any performance issues which may need to be addressed. Installation will take place in phases. The primary component is the database that will include personnel and department information. Independent subsystems will be added one at a time after initial installation. After the entire system is up and testing has been completed the old system will be taken down. The procedures that have been performed along with results from testing, flow charts created and other required documents will be retained for inclusion in the final system documentation. These will be converted to PDF format and stored for access on the company intranet. This will assist in future maintenance as well as helping future developers in design change and upgrade. Some user documentation is included with Microsoft Dynamics and will be reviewed and further developed for completeness. End user guides will also be developed and be accessible through the company intranet. FAQs will be developed along with common procedure instructions. As system updates are made documentation will be upgraded accordingly. Clear and complete user end documentation and tools will minimize the amount of training and support for the system. Even though these documents will be provided, training for the new system will need to be provided. This will give users a better understanding of the new system and allow them to work more efficiently. Documentation for the new system will be provided to users, primarily the HR department and the users that currently maintain the excel spreadsheets. Site seminars will take place along with hands on training that will give them a chance to use the system in a test environment while also allowing for user feedback. All employments will receive information on how they may now update their information on the new system as well as how to use the system to view important information. Simple instructions will be provided to employees who may visit with HR personal that attended the seminars if they need additional help using the new system. Current help desk and technical personnel will be trained for the ongoing support of the system. This training will include system installation, configuration, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting tips. User will be able to contact the help desk through a support ticket request on the company intranet should end user problems arise. The activities of the implementation phase are considered part of a defined and repeatable process. Defining the successful project for development and documenting the process allows you to repeat the process and gives a structured approach to design management. Having a defined and repeatable process will assist the project managers by having defined activities taking place at defined times during the process. This helps to ensure no steps are skipped. Research Papers on Riordan Human Resource SystemRiordan Manufacturing Production PlanMoral and Ethical Issues in Hiring New EmployeesThe Project Managment Office SystemAnalysis of Ebay Expanding into AsiaOpen Architechture a white paperBionic Assembly System: A New Concept of SelfIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in CapitalStandardized TestingThree Concepts of PsychodynamicGenetic Engineering

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Potential Role(s) of HR And HR Professionals In Contemporary Essay

Potential Role(s) of HR And HR Professionals In Contemporary Organisations - Essay Example After receiving applications from the prospective candidates, HRD will only sort out those applications and importantly will come up with various selection processes, according to the job description. Some of the selection processes that are normally followed in contemporary organisations include written exams, objective type exams, personality judgment tests, assessment centres, personal interviews, etc. (Robertson and Smith 2001; Armstrong, 2006). Through, these processes, the three main aspects of skill level, knowledge and even experience levels, will be analysed and judged by the HR professionals in relation with the management team. â€Å"Skills, experience, and knowledge have economic value to organisations because they enable to be productive and adaptable† (Jackson and Schuler 2003). Thus, recruited optimal employees will have adequate skill and knowledge, which can be aptly tapped by the organisation, leading to better performance. In essence, if HR professionals imp lement a specified set of employment as well as work practices, it is going to lead to better performance. (Boxall and Purcell 2008). When one focuses on Southwest Airlines HRD’s recruitment processes, it exhibits apt qualities. HR professionals inside SW Airlines conducts the recruitment process in such a foolproof manner that only one out of four applicants would be personally interviewed, after going through various process, and importantly less than 3% would actually be hired. (Hunter 2006). During the recruitment process, apart from focusing on their academic qualifications and skill levels, HR professionals in SW looks for key subtle human assets... This paper approves that HRD will bring expert coaches from outside, who will focus more on human resource element than on the technical aspects, thereby facilitating wholesome development of the employees. In the computer chip manufacturing company, Intel, a mentoring program has been in place for many years and it showing more than expected results. Experienced employees who have agreed to play the role of mentors complete an on-line questionnaire in which they list any of their two dozen top skills, based on which the struggling employees will be paired as mentee. As this program, facilitated by HR professionals, gives importance to not only sharing information but also sharing of skills sets and practical experience, it benefits the employees, thereby making them organisation or â€Å"work-ready†. Another key role of HR professionals, which can lead to effective employee management, is conducting the appraisal process and then aptly rewarding the correct employees. This report makes a conclusion that it is clear that HR or HR professionals form an indispensable part of organisational functioning starting from recruitment till rewarding. It seems HR aspect or HR professionals get involved during all the important organisational processes and decisions, which determines the performance as well as success of the organisation at large. Their maximum involvement and their employee-centric focus leads to effective employee management, which in turn makes them contribute optimally to the organisation, thereby placing the organisation on the path of success.

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Embryo Gene Activation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Embryo Gene Activation - Essay Example Embryonic genes, which are active prior to the 4-cell stage, are small in number and they code for proteins used in controlling and stabilizing maternal mRNA and proteins. Parental proteins regulated at the post-translational glassy by adjusting the proteins phosphorylation form. Alternatively, these protein states created by the embryonic kinases can stimulate the activities of proteins and change their cell location. For embryo development, change and degradation of maternal mRNA proteins are crucial just before the embryo gene activation. This paper discusses embryo gene activation, DNA repair and the pathways involved in the processes (Lauritzen 240). During the 4-cell phase of embryo gene activation, remodeling of chromatin, which allows transcription of the embryo, and hence synthesizing the translation machinery. The genome of embryos becomes active and starts transcription of metabolic, apoptosis and cell cycle protein regulation (Khanna &Yosef 119). The proteins for maternal mRNAs continuously reduce in the early phases of the 4-cell phase. Signaling pathways for embryonic gene activation example is the hedgehog signaling. The signaling pathway that transfers information to embryonic cells helps for right development. Each part of the embryo can contain different concentrations of these signaling proteins. Not only in embryonic cell development, this kind of pathway has a bigger role in adults and malfunction can cause diseases like, basal cell carcinoma. This signaling pathway is a focus regulator in most animals’ growth (Song & Lee 48). In some other animals, lack of this pathway can lead to poor development of the brain, lungs, and the skeleton. Hedgehog signaling is crucial in regulating the maintenance and regeneration of most adult cells and tissues. Pharmaceutical companies have associated this pathway as a cause of cancer and developed drugs to cure the signaling causing diseases (Polin, William, & Steven 58). Breast cancer susceptibilit y gene 1 (BRCA1) and BRCA2 are genes which suppress tumor and the mutant phenotypes that predispose to both ovarian and breast cancers. These proteins are involved in most cellular processes and contribute DNA repair and regulation in response to the damage of DNA (Ensley 113). BRCA proteins protect the genome from damage by providing maintenance of the stability of chromosomes. The big number of cellular proteins, which interact with the BCRA, propels most functions of the BRCA proteins and their functions linked to different phosphorylation events. Reasons why these proteins cause both ovarian and breast cancer are unknown today (Knobil, Jimmy & Neill 69). These proteins are present in breast cells where they help repair the damaged DNA or destroy the cells in cases where the DNA is unrepaired body (Alpi, Pasierbek, Gartner & Loidl 16). Damaging the BRCA1 by any chance causes the damaged DNA not repaired and this may increase the chances of cancer. Most mammals have complex mechan isms to monitor damage of DNA and the required responses to maintain their integrity and repair. Some of the mechanisms for detection, repair, and cell cycle arrest to prevent damage from gametes or embryo cells (Gordon 670). The repair of the DNA in these newly formed embryos relies on the mRNA proteins from prior ovulation. These repair genes developed in the early stages of the animal development need to be enough to equip the embryo with the maternal products for the gene expression to start at the right

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Keystone Pipeline Issue on U.S. Economic and Environmental Annotated Bibliography

Keystone Pipeline Issue on U.S. Economic and Environmental perspectives - Annotated Bibliography Example According to Blakey, the Keystone XL pipeline polarizes parties from either side of the construction conflict. The article states that, in a typical enmity between liberals and traditionalists, both parties face a deeper disadvantage in their argument. If ecologists believe oil is not worth the jobs creation, then liberals will consider profit to be the prime key to the United States’ energy security (Blakey 335). Blanchard and Jacobson provide an ecological perception reflecting the provided carbon-concentration of tar-sands creation. Even though conservatives believe that that operation of the Alberta tar sands would merely come to a stop, demand for hydrocarbon-based energy is extremely high. In addition, the journal says that the Ogallala aquifer is acutely sensitive, but its vulnerability is more valuable than the likely damage to British Columbia’s rain forest. The last leading problem discussed in the journal is the likelihood of the construction of the Northern Gateway. The Northern Gateway may be a fallback approach for the ecologists (Blanchard and Jacobson 2011). Daugherty states that the president destroyed tens of thousands of employment opportunities when he denied Keystone the opportunity to build the Keystone XL pipeline. Many of the jobs would have been provided in Houston, Texas. Further than that, the government’s decision to halt the pipeline is considered complete irrational. The article says that the Obama administration is illogic from an economic perspective. This is because of an overpowering goal of national security supposed to reduce the country’s reliance on foreign energy sources (Daugherty 2012). Hargreaves says that the Obama administration refused an offer to develop the contentious Keystone oil sands pipeline. The article says that the government defended its choice by saying that the deadline enforced by the congress did not leave adequate time to carry out the essential review. The pipeline might not be

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Dracula By Bram Stoker English Literature Essay

Dracula By Bram Stoker English Literature Essay Very famous for introducing Count Dracula and the novel tell the story of Count Dracula a vampire that have been seeking his dead love for hundred years but he finally found it In a young woman named Mina Murray that live in London that takes him to seek her but at the same time a group of men and the famous Van Helsing want to kill count Dracula they unleashes a battle between Dracula and Van helsing Dracula has been assigned to many literary genres including vampire literature, horror fiction, the gothic novel and invasion literature. Characters Details: Primary Characters- Count Dracula: A centuries-old vampire and Transylvanian nobleman, Count Dracula inhabits a crumbling castle in the Carpathian Mountains. He can assume the form of an animal, control the weather, and he is stronger than twenty men. His powers are limited, however for instance, he cannot enter a victims home unless invited, cannot cross water unless carried, and is rendered powerless by daylight. Abraham Van Helsing: A Dutch professor, his pupil is Dr. Seward. Called upon to cure the ailing Lucy Westenra, Van Helsings contributions are essential in the fight against Dracula. Unlike his comrades, Van Helsing is not blinded by the limitations of Western medicine: he knows that he faces a force that cannot be treated with traditional science and reason. Knowledgeable about vampire folklore, Van Helsing becomes Draculas chief antagonist and the leader of the group that hunts Dracula down and destroys him. Jonathan Harker A lawyer, whose firm sends him to Transylvania to conclude a real estate transaction with Dracula. Harker quickly finds himself a prisoner in the castle and barely escapes with his life. He demonstrates a fierce curiosity to discover the true nature of his captor and a strong will to escape. He help Van Helsing defeating Dracula Mina Murray: Jonathan Harkers fiancà ©e. Mina is a practical young beautiful woman who works as a schoolmistress. Eventually victimized by Dracula herself and the best friend of the Lucy Westenra who is the first victim of Dracula Lucy Westenra: Beautiful young woman, every man who meets her wants to marry her or save her life, or both. Lucy chooses Arthur to be his wife, but is Draculas first victim and she became in a vampire that eats the blood of the children but later she is killed by Van Helsing group in her tomb. John Seward: A talented young doctor he is Van Helsings pupil. Seward is the administrator of an insane asylum not far from Draculas English home and the first to see Lucy Westenra after she was injured by Dracula. Sewer notes are better than the other because I took the story through the eyes of Seward Arthur Holmwood: The one that Lucy choose to marry with, he is a sensitive man an is in the moment when they have to kill Lucy in her tomb he also lose his family in a short period he also finances the vampire hunt and lets everyone use his title to gain access to information about Dracula. Quincey P. Morris: Quincey is from Texas. He is an old friend of Arthur Holmwoods and John Sewards. He also wants to be helpful whenever he can. It is his seeming lack of importance that shows his personality Quincey ultimately sacrifices his life in order to rid the world of Draculas influence. Second Characters- Renfield: An inmate in Dr. Sewards insane asylum. He is seduced by Dracula, who he hails as his Master. When he is at his best, he is polite and intelligent and he tries to do the right thing. When he is at his worst, he eats insects for their souls and is completely vulnerable to Draculas will. It is he who allows the Count into Sewards home he is some kind of servant to Dracula Peter Hawkins: Jonathans boss and mentor. He is very generous and has great faith in Jonathan, both as a solicitor and as a person. Plot This story begins with the journal of a man named Jonathan Harker who has travelled to Transylvania to give some documents about the new property in London to count Dracula, when Jonathan arrives to the castle and meet count Dracula he describes Dracula like a pale thin old man and finds strange the castle of count Dracula and have bad feelings about it, then he start to feel dark presence and hearing noises , when he tried to escape from the castle Count Dracula trap him on the castle with other three women vampires, Dracula prepared a ship to go to London . Jonathan has a fiancà ©e, her name is Mina Murray who is waiting for the return of Jonathan, meanwhile she went to the wedding of her friend Lucy Westenra and Arthur Holmwood ,next in the night Mina see that Lucy was in the courtyard and she was attacked by a dark form of monster but when she went to help Lucy she only find her injured and nothing more, then her husband Arthur called the doctor John Seward who Is the one that g ive the treatment to Lucy that consist of giving her a lot of blood transfusions but is seems to have any good results so Seward decides to call his mentor Van Helsing who come from Amsterdam, when he arrives he checked Lucy and he tell them that Lucy cannot be saved them she die. Jonathan has escaped an returned to London thinking about nothing happened in that castle was real when suddenly his boss Peter Hawkins died and leave a great fortune to Jonathan , then he marries Mina. One day Jonathan see Dracula but he cant remember because Dracula has recovered his youth because the blood of his victims then Jonathan went unconscious and that allow mina to read his journal and know what happenen in the castle. Soon there is a rumor of a monster in London that sucks blood from people ,that take Van Helsing to gather Mina, Jonathan, Arthur, Quincey, Seward and to seek Lucys tomb and watch how Lucy wake up in vampire form and they killed her by cutting off her head , Van helsing prepare Mina, Jonathan, Arthur, Quincey and Seward to kill Dracula, but in the search Van helsing realized that Mina was on danger so Helsing and sewer went into Minas room and found Jonathan unconscious and mina in the arms of Dracula drinking blood from him, next Dracula disappear. When th ey think that all is lost Van Helsing tell them that if they kill Dracula after the next day Mina would return back to normal then they use Mina to led them to Draculas place and when they arrive to Transylvania they found the box that have the body of the count but it was protected by some gypsies but they won the battle an kill count Dracula and that make Mina back to normal but Sewer got bad injured and sadly he die, but at least Mina and Jonathan live happily thats the end of the novel Personal Evaluation and conclusion- Book strengths: in this book is written like in journals and letters , and give the point of view of almost all the characters that helps to get in their thoughts and to near feel as they feel in the novel, I liked that so much because this novel dont have only one narration Book Weakness: It can be very heavy for some people because it is divided in journals and different points of view so it can be hard for some people to relate and to follow the story but it has its benefits Sources: Dracula by Bram stoker book in Pdf Wikipedia- Horror novels review- Dracula Characters-

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Oppression in Jane Campion’s The Piano Essay -- Jane Campion The Piano

Oppression in Jane Campion’s â€Å"The Piano† Jane Campion’s â€Å"The Piano† relates the story of a Scottish woman who is sent to New Zealand, during the Victorian Era, for an arranged marriage with a farmer. Ada voluntarily gave up speaking at the age of 6 and communicates by either signing for her daughter, writing on a small paper tablet around her neck, or, more joyously, through playing her piano. After a long and arduous journey with the piano, Ada is forced to leave it on the beach where her boat landed. Left without her musical passion, Ada must learn to adapt in very male world. A native white man who has adopted the culture of the Maori Indians named Baines quickly discovers what the abandoned piano means to Ada. Baines secures the piano by trading 80 acres of land to the farmer and husband of Ada, Stewart. After getting the piano back to his home, he employs Ada to give him lessons, but really wants to have sex with her in exchange for the piano. Her passion for the music allows for this and an affair is born. The affair is discovered by Stewart and he goes irate eventually cutting off Ada’s forefinger in a backwards attempt to win her love. When he realizes the futility of winning her love, Stewart sends her off with Baines. On the boat to a new home and life, Ada insists of getting rid of the piano and almost commits suicide as the piano sinks to the bottom of the ocean. This movie is beautiful to watch, yet difficult. It is raw, yet the cinematography is breath...

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Didi Holdstock Oscar Nomination Film Studies Essay

To: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This twelvemonth ‘s Best Picture Category nominations should be Steven Spielberg ‘s Jurassic Park. The adventure-filled movie shows narrative transitivity through the continuously progressing, capturing secret plan and the usage of realistic cinematography and station production techniques such as particular effects, wildsound and lighting every bit good as the carefully devised screenplay which displays a subject of scientific discipline versus moralss. The cinematic shootings of Jurassic Park merit to be applauded because of the attentive framing, angle and motion of each shooting in the movie. For illustration, the long shooting of the first visual aspect of the Tyrannosaurus Rex where the camera is placed at oculus degree, as if the spectator is literally some distance from the existent mayhem and the handheld camera moves with the T-Rex, yanking down and up with each, slow measure it takes – demoing the full length and power of the immense dinosaur. In add-on, an illustration of first-class cinematic shootings is Nedry ‘s brush with a Dilophosaurus. The camera cuts through several types of shootings: a low angled long shooting with the camera traveling as the eyes of the dinosaur through the tall grass, an extreme close up, over the shoulder shooting of the dinosaur with Nedry ‘s face in the spread between the flaps of its caput and a low angled medium shooting where the rib coop and external respiration of the dinosaur is highlighted with Nedry ‘s organic structure prevarication in the background. The assortment and specialness of the different shootings in Jurassic Park are exceeding. There is even an aerial shooting as a bull is lifted into the lair of the Velociraptors. In connexion with Nedry ‘s brush with the Dilophosaurus, the importance of coloring material is depicted through his bright xanthous rain coat amongst the green and browns of nature – Spielberg has brightened the scene through coloring material. Throughout the movie, he uses natural, bland colorss. Global, people can do the connexion between nature and escapade in Jurassic Park. This is another illustration of the intelligence of the manager. Furthermore, the lighting pays a cardinal function in the illustriousness of a movie and Jurassic Park is really familiar with this construct. In a specific scene, the kids and Dr. Grant wake up to a picturesque position of many diplodocuses. The subdued lighting of the landscape creates a composure, comforting temper after the on-going pandemonium in the old scenes. Silhouettes are created when Spielberg places the histrions in the lab, with a dorsum visible radiation behind two round Windowss – making deepness to the scene and doing the spectator feel insecure by the out of use visible radiation, adding to the suspense of the scenario. An first-class usage of cardinal lighting is used when a Velociraptor equals through the round window of the kitchen door with the light bright on the left, go forthing merely the right manus side of the dinosaur ‘s face distinguishable. Furthermore, the sound effects in a movie are of equal, if non greater importance to lighting. Both have the ability to alter the temper of the spectator and create pragmatism within the movie. In Jurassic Park, the most distinguished sounds are the dinosaurs booms. Each one holding its alone sound, enabling the spectator to match sounds with specific dinosaurs. Realism is besides created through wildsound, for illustration, the uninterrupted rain in the movie. The non-synchronous sound of Jurassic Park ingeniously alters the temper of the spectator. For illustration, when the characters thirstily try to get away from the Velociraptors, the music is fast-paced and becomes about baleful, doing the spectator anticipate their destiny. Or, another illustration is when Dr. Sattler runs through the jungle in her chase to return power to the park: the music is fast-paced and tense, but when she enters the edifice, the door sweep behind her seting an instantaneous halt to the non-synchronous sound, go forthing merely the sound of her heavy external respiration. The spectator ‘s pulse now has the chance to return to normal. Anticipation, suspense and tenseness are critical in a scientific discipline fiction escapade movie. Not merely are the cinematic techniques superb, but the chosen cast – including the astounding extended dramatis personae of attractively built dinosaurs – proved to be extremely successful in Jurassic Park. Their endowment, as histrions, is esteemed. This is clearly depicted throughout the movie through their natural behavior and facial looks ( as seen in their first brush of dinosaurs where the daze of Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler is utterly converting. ) Even the kids of Jurassic Park are first-class histrions. In the kitchen scene the kids are forced to expose their best visual aspect of fright and insecurity when they are trapped by Velociraptors. Lex Murphy is perceptibly exceeding at this when she shrieks in fright whilst seeking to shut herself in a compartment of the counter. Good playing is indispensable in a movie to maintain viewing audiences interested and keep a sense of pragmatism. In the instance of Jurassic Park, barely any betterments in moving could be m ade. Further, there are many motives, symbols and subjects viewing audiences may come across in Jurassic Park. Such as John Hammond ‘s imprudency to construct the park because he can afford to, the contention of scientific discipline versus moralss – whether making life which was one time nonextant is morally right and Nedry, the computer-network applied scientist who amorally steals the embryos from the lab after being ‘paid off. ‘ Viewing audiences are left in expectancy of a surprising message when a streamer stating: â€Å" When dinosaurs ruled the Earth † flows over the scene in the dramatis personae ‘s last brush with dinosaurs. Throughout the movie, Spielberg inquiries the moralss of adult male. Hence, Jurassic Park is shooting at its best. Every facet of the movie is illustrated to flawlessness. The cameraman, manager and manufacturer must be extremely commended for their successful scientific discipline fiction escapade movie. It is possible that the subject vocal may still be recognised and enjoyed in the decennaries that follow its release. With the most advanced particular effects and shooting techniques the universe has seen this twelvemonth, Jurassic Park deserves an award every bit elite as that of the Best Picture Category.

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One Man Can Change the World Essay Example

One Man Can Change the World Essay Example One Man Can Change the World Paper One Man Can Change the World Paper Our team has chosen to define the following words in the topic: one man, can, change and world. The term one man is seen as a single, individual human being; can is defined as to have the capacity to; change can be described as to influence the future course of events different to what it is or would have been if left alone, and world being the majority of humanity that live on Earth. Therefore we take the topic to mean that a single, individual human being has the capacity to influence the future course of events different to what It Is or would have been If left lone for the majority of humanity that live on Earth. We believe that this deflation Is reasonable and In the split of the topic. The split weve chosen for tonights debate Is social and political. As first speaker, I will be focusing on the bigger picture of the topic and how this affects society as a whole. Tonight, my main arguments will focus on: the humanitarian Mother Teresa, a more infamous Osama Bin Lading, and he concept of the butterfly effect. Our second speaker will look at Americas Barack Obama, Ian Frazer and the Guardrails vaccine, and Fred Hollows. Through this our team ill use Justified and recent examples to prove to you how one man can change the world. As she once said herself, Do not wait for world leaders; do it alone, person to person. This is the very idea that we, as the affirmative team, is putting to you tonight- we all have the capacity to make great change, as Mother Teresa has. This previous point shows how wonderfully a single person can change the world but with there has to be a balance of good and evil In the world, one such evil goes by the name of Osama bal Laden. Im sure all of you remember that day where, crammed all wrought the news, was a report of two planes flying into the Twin Towers: many of you wouldve stared at the TV in shock thinking; no, no way Its all a hoax, its just like the War of the Worlds all over again. Then reality struck, this was all true, all these people really had died from some freak crash. Then a second plane, way too much to be a coincidence, so you think what sort of horrible person could do THIS, kill so many innocent unmans? Born in 1 957 Osama bin Laden grew up to become the leader of the worlds most notorious terrorist organization, al Qaeda, provoking the former resident of the USA to declare war on an idea itself, the simple idea of terrorism. Bin Laden was empowered with the ability to manifest peoples passion Into change and action and making the global community fear things they once did not even realism existed. Now before we go on a flight, we have that fear that maybe our destination Is death; maybe the man slating next to you has a bomb In his suitcase, the imagination can run loose on these possibilities. Osama bin Laden has also change collects perception AT Meme Eastern people, won are now Dealing increasingly prejudiced against. People are yet again Judged by their outer looks and discrimination is again in action which is ridiculous in this 21st century globalizes world. The Middle East produces some of the worlds finest sports people, thinkers and diverse cultures, to simply think that one man puts this positive image into one of global distrust and discrimination. Extremists like bin Laden, Hitler and Robert Manage have the powerful ability to change the world for the worse, undoing all the great achievements humanity itself has made with a single action. Ladies and gentlemen, a story goes like this, if a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world, here will be a hurricane on the other side; this describes the butterfly effect chaos theory. This is the theory that a single action, no matter how small it is, is a trigger that will lead to bigger incidences that eventually will turn from the small butterfly flap to a huge hurricane. This theory can also be applied to this debate as it only takes one persuasive person to push the first domino in the line. Both Mother Teresa and Osama bin Laden only made the world the way it is because of their reservation and beliefs; they were the catalysts who started the chain reaction. The affirmative am is saying to you that we cant Just expect to sit on our hands and let the world pass by; hoping that everything will be fine because it wont, each one of us has the power to change the world. In summary ladies and gentlemen, Eve presented to you relevant and recent examples, firstly relating to Mother Teresa and how she actively made a great change in the world we live in by helping those of ill-health and less fortunate. Showing how no matter where your origins lie, as long as you are willing to persevere and if you truly believe your cause then you can achieve those things. Secondly I gave a more sombrero example but certainly one that we can all relate to and have seen the changes of. Such a recent and influential example is one hard to forget, the aftermath of al Qaeda and ultimately Osama bin Aldens terrorist attacks still resound. There is no doubt that this event has shaped and changed the world we live in, all because of the choices of an individual. Lastly Eve shown you how the Butterfly Effect theory is one that can prove how it only takes a single man to change things forever. Using this, Eve shown how one man can change the world. Id like to hare with you a story I recently heard to end with.

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Mothers Day Etymology Where Does Mom Come From

Mothers Day Etymology Where Does Mom Come From Mother’s Day Etymology: Where Does â€Å"Mom† Come From? Today is Mother’s Day, the day we thank our female parents for their love and patience. But where do the words â€Å"mother† and â€Å"mom† come from? Why are there so many words for mothers in English? And are they all correct? Let’s take a (motherly) look and find out. The Origins of Mother The modern English â€Å"mother† comes from the Old English term modor. And â€Å"mom,† along with other of informal or shortened terms such as â€Å"mommy† and â€Å"ma,† are often traced to this root. Interestingly, though, these shorter words may be even older. The word â€Å"mama† appears in some form in dozens of languages, including Mandarin (Mma), Hindi (mÄ Ã¡ ¹Æ') and Arabic (mÄ ma). This is because simple noises like â€Å"mama† and â€Å"papa† are among most babies’ first vocalizations. We imagine â€Å"mama† means â€Å"feed me† most of the time.(Photo: amyelizabethquinn) The theory, then, is that â€Å"mother† and its modern variations are all rooted in the baby talk of â€Å"mama.† So one thing we have in common with our earliest ancestors may be our words for â€Å"mom.†   Mom, Mum or Mam? In the US, most people call their mothers â€Å"mom.† But you may have heard â€Å"mum† or â€Å"mam† used as well, especially in other countries. So why are there so many variations on this term? Largely, it’s a matter of where you come from. The three terms we’ve picked out here, for instance, are all associated with different places: Mom is most associated with American English. Mum is common in Australia and the UK (especially England). Mam is common in Ireland, Wales, and parts of northern England. These are all accepted terms for â€Å"mother† in one place or another, so your preference will usually depend on where you grew up. And the â€Å"correct† spelling will depend on the dialect in question. But in American English, you are usually safe sticking with â€Å"mom.† But which came first? Well, â€Å"mam† is probably the oldest of the three spellings above, since the earliest recorded use of â€Å"mama† in English dates back to 1707. By comparison, the earliest appearances of â€Å"mum† and â€Å"mom† are from 1823 and 1867, respectively. Whatever your chosen term, though, we hope all the mothers out there are having a great day! And, mother or not, we hope you’ve enjoyed our etymological look at motherhood.

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Environmentalism Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Environmentalism Religion - Essay Example The answers to it, however, are difficult, complex, and complicated by a host of cultural, environmental, and religious variables. Lynn Whites argues that those Biblical precepts made Christianity, â€Å"especially in its Western form, â€Å"the most anthropocentric religion the world has seen, â€Å" In contrast to paganisms, Christianity posited â€Å"a dualism of man and nature† and â€Å"insisted that it is God’s will that man exploit nature for his proper ends.† Whereas ancient pagans’ creeds gave a cyclical account of time, Christianity assumes a teleogical way to history and with it the possibility of progress. The belief in progress was adopted in modern science, which, amounted to technology, and the results was the industrial revolution. Thus the power to control nature was achieved by a civilization that inherited the license to exploit it. According to White this was not a positive historical development, therefore, he believes that science technology could be the best ecological problems they had created. In my opinion science and religion may have a connection at some point, since civilization was inherited at some point from the belief of exploiting God’s creation. However, this connection is not clear because science and religion are at loggerheads and none accepts the theories brought forth by the other. In summary religion and environment maybe related in one way or another, but there is need for an extensive research to justify that. Researchers have indicated that environmentalism is close to religion. However, people argue that the two are different and science and technology is not only an advantage but an artificial problem. Finally, the subject is prone to further and extensive research that would come to a common ground regarding the

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Outside speech Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Outside speech - Assignment Example Through the Elder Helpers volunteer organization, volunteers can do what the government cannot do. That is, to show kindness to a society that has done its part in building the nation. The elderly face a series of emotional, physical and societal problems. Physically, aging is the deterioration of the physical and mental mechanisms (Edward 533). Inevitably, the body becomes vulnerable to innumerable diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer’s. This deterioration of health has resulted in the elderly being identified as the handicapped, particularly in capitalist societies (Edward 533). Moreover, the challenges are made difficult by the high cost of medication and therapies resulting in a majority of the aging population living with the lack of proper health care. Currently, the elderly live solitary lives where they can go for days without communicating with other individuals. Some elders have also lost their spouses which results in emotional problems. Inevitably, the isolated life coupled with the physical challenges makes the elderly vulnerable to unhealthy lives that would most likely lead to more complications or even death. At this point, I know there are some who are wondering why we should help the elderly members in our society. Such people need to acknowledge the fact that aging is a definite event that occurs in the life of every individual. Soon, each and every one of us may live long enough to experience the complications that arise through aging. At that point in our lives, I am certain we would all be grateful if the society helped us go through aging stress-free. Furthermore, the elderly in our society are important because, without them, the current generation would not exist. Elderly Helpers is an opportunity to interact with the elderly in the society and assist them in their day to day lives ( Moreover, the organization is an opportunity for young members in the society to provide